Saturday, February 26, 2011

ini menggatal bukan nma tmpat!

oke. i'm not in a good mood! of course! i've got bloody jerk instructor for my driving license. 

this is my pathetic story. after one month i got my L license, the instructor called me. he lecture me why i haven't started yet for the 8 hours session! so, he force me to do it at saturday meaning today at 11.30 a.m! so, i talked with my mom. and she agree. so, this morning i woke up and follow my parent to buy some groceries stuff. at 9 la because the store opened at 10. coincidence my brother return from GMI, so, i force him to sent me lah. yelah, dia pon bukan selalu ada rumahkan! hehe. so that morning dengan muka yang tak bersalah, i follow my parent. and wake my bro so that when i return, he should ready to sent me there. unfortunately, that morning the store is packed! has so many people. like tin sardine! we has to walked slowly. after got the receipt, the clock is already at 11!! OMG!!

 my parent dah started to nagging at me. yelah! my parent decided nak hantar terus je. but i forgot to bring my purse. it's not forget actually, i just left it in my room. who wonders that we will be this late! it's not about the money but the IC dowh! and moreover i'm not wearing shoes! yelah, sapa lah nak pergi store wearing SHOES! gila ke hape! in the car, my parent started called my brother. make sure that he's ready to sent me. but when we arrived, dia still tak mandi lagi! what the heck! i will be too late! so, i left my phone at family area and joined my brother at kitchen! dia nak makan pulak. dah la tak mandi lagi! after i siap kemas the stuff. dia baru nak mandi. tengok my phone balik, ada 2 missed called! from THE INSTRUCTOR! OOOMMGEEE! then he text me. 

" ainnur.dah smpi detik erat ker? 
ne dah lbih masa.
 da kol 11.30 dah."

then aq terus reply that i'm gonna be late because i have some problems! line maxis kat melaka ni pulak buat hal! almost 2 days we can't get through the line. network problem. memang masalah giler la. bila dah sampai, i try to call him but i can't get through the line. so, i started ask that makcik. wonder who is cikgu wan. he's not there bacause he on the road i think. after waiting for him like 10 minutes, he came with his 'kancil'. the other man yang ada dekat kantin tu like starving. looked me like he never saw woman in couple of years! after i got my instructor, i think i would be safe from all the guys. unfortunately i'm not! my instructor is totally insane. gatal giler! i've been in that car almost 2 hours but he said, "tak apa. demi ain. saya kira 1 jam saja. lagi setengah jam tu dikira bonus".

what the heck!! bonus? are u insane?? lagi nak cepat habis. dia lagi nak lambatkan! oke. that's the first thing. the second one, i know la 'jengkal' tuh like what. so, no need la to put my hand at your hand tu! and complaining that i had such small hand. what? girl and woman does has smaller hand than boys and man, yo old man! i hate you! oke, it's look like i'm Orthodox. or look like good good je. weyh, my parent tech me that when u're muslim. you are not allowed to touch man! even their hands! oke, maybe some poeple will think that i'm such a jerk. cakap la apa korang nak cakap. the truth is, i'm like that. not allowing any mens to touch me! haram tuh! i'm not a good muslim, but i know that it wrong. i'm the only daughter in my family, so it's not weird when my parent tech me all things to protect myself  from this kind of human! huhhh! luckily kan??! and the last but not least, he talk about crap thing! some word that he should not say! urghhh!! such a jerk!!

at last, ktorang duduk dekat canteen. and he make some note for me. about driving thing. parking and others. and ada 3 boys sitting in front of me. they me talking about me and that old man. yang paling best uh, control handsome kod!! haha. LOL. and know what. my 2nd session in monday! 28th. sangat cepat. even though he had a meeting that evening, he still want to do the test with me. what??!! uhh!! can i handle this old man???

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