Sunday, February 27, 2011

some people are so inhuman!

please la watch this bloody jerk video!

ok. some people are insane rite now!
taken at A FAMOSA kodd!! place where we are not imagining such a thing to do. it is not normal. memang kurang ajar gila bila buat tiger tu macam tu. they has no manners!
TAU TAK TIGERS ARE ENDANGERED ANIMALS???? TAU TAK THEY'RE ONE OF MALAYSIA'S ATTRACTIONS?? yang kau pandai sangat letak otak dekat lutut tu kenapa. even though it is an animal. but it does not mean you can do anything. try to imagine if you are the tiger. moreover, the Tigers have been categorized as one of the most endangered animals. you should be one man who kept the tiger. rather than destructive! orang macam ni, lebih baik hantar je kat kandang rather than that tiger. if la kan, that tiger is a man. he will be a better man, no. he would be a better man than that bloddy cruel man! 
buat macam ni demi duit semata?? weyh, banyak cara lain la yang boleh kita buat untuk dapatkan duit! doing this thing is just pathetic! why?? A FAMOSA let this kind of thing happened! 

boleh pulak dia just doing that ugly face when that chinesse woman ask him to stop!

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