Wednesday, March 2, 2011

GiveAway : "Proposed will you marry me"

assalamualaikum semua bloggers.
in this entry, i will post about give away from Wahidah Yusup. a very nice give away from Saudi Arabia. this is her first give away. i'm too excited! hehe. sorry. it's about propose! actually the participants must create a post about how they been proposed or how they proposed. but if the participant never been propose, or never propose people. they can make entry about how they want to propose their girl. hurmm. but neither nor me! i'm not eligible to enter the competition directly. so, i make up my mind and text the author. i said that if i can make an entry about how people can propose their girl!! *gedix gedix.. hehe.. want more detail? click here..

so, this is my story girls. i love it. *oke. msok bakul angkat sendiri. never mind. dalam berat yang macam ni, siapa aje la nak angkat aq kan. 
oke. here it's go. 

her : aen 
him : ariq.. :)

aen and fariq dah berkenalan almost 8 month. lamakan? oke. so, fariq had make up his mind that he don't want to lose aen. so, he want to propose aen to be his girlfriend or wife-to-be. so, fariq aturkan satu dinner with aen. such a romantic dinner. tapi dia tak bagi tau aen. *sad. so, as usual. fariq ajak aen dating. fariq promise na pick aen around 10. so, aen pon siap2 la with her baby pink top n long white skirts with baby blue hijab. unfortunately, at 9.55, ariq call and cakap yang dia ada urgent so, kena cancelled date untuk hari tu. marah? tak la. just sedih jea coz tak jadi nak hang out dengan buah hati. so, sadly duduk sedih kat hall. sebab time tuh aen sggup cancelled hang out with family coz ader date. tapi janji dengan family akan datang dengan kawan yg dah dianggap buah hati. hehe. aen plan nak propose ariq as her boyfiee secara tidak langsung depan her family. so, kiranya nak buat surprise. but then aen yang ter'surprise' bila dating tak jadi. 

tengah melayan perasaan, ttbe ring dong bell bunyi. aen buka pintu, tapi tiada siapa. then pandang bawah, ada envelope. then aen ambil n tengook. ada cd. colour baby pink. cute. tulis, "please play on". agak curious pada mulanya. takut pon ada lah. yelah, entah siapa2 hantar. so, bukak tv, then play. mula2 just nampak dinding jea. lama jugak la, dalam seminit. then, ttbe muncul ariq. cute giler.. dia pakai cute long sleeve white shirts yg agak loose. dy muncul then kata "surprise!! terkejut??" ehemmm.. " i have something to say. a secret message" with cute smile face!! uhh.. jatuh cinta lagi.. then dia keluarkan right hand  yang ada cute couple hand toy yg ada di jari telunjuk n ibu jari. lepas uh dy show card size business card. tpi lagi comel la. ala bunga2 gitu. pas uh dy tunjuk satu2 card. 

- missing
- you
- love
- you are
- the biggest present
- in my life

lepas uh dy bg fying kiss. then tiba2 bunyi door bell. dengan muka yang still senyum giler+merah g la bukak pintu. bukak jea, ariq tengah melutut. he says " i miss you. i love you. i'm not a perfect man. my hair doesn't stay in place and i spill things a lot's. i'm pretty clumsy and sometimes i have a broken heart. my friends and i sometimes fight and maybe some days nothing goes right. but when i think about it, and take a step back. i remember how amazing life truly is and that maybe, just maybe. but when i meet you. u perfect me completely my love. and i love to be unperfect just with you besides me. aen nur syafieqah, i want to spend eternity with you. will you be my girl who completely fill my life with flying colours? " sambil pegang lily bouquet with a ring!! OMG!! with tangan yg menggeletar. accept it!! "yes! i do!" sah la mereka couple yg sngat sweet. after sesi pertukaran ring. ariq bwak aen keluar and jumpa family aen kat town. 

that is my story. and last but not least. the correct video bout this post!

is it real or not? biarlah rahsia. hanya beberapa orang sahaja yang tau. so, hope this post will satisfied you all. thanks. nak tido dengan muka senyum bolehh?? hehe

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Wahidah said...

u are so creativee....i likess...:)

n i hope ur wish comes true..

so kalo dh ade org yg berjaya curik hati dlm taman awk,suh die bace netry ne kay...:P

tq join this contesttt...:)