Friday, March 4, 2011

Dah Tue Ler!!

assalamualaikum readers.
alhamdulillah. dah besar anak mak dan ayah ni kan. dah 18 tahun dah. dalam 18 tahun anak mak dan ayah hidup ni, macam-macam yang anak mak dan ayah ni buat. tak pernah nak puaskan hati mak ayah kan? hehe.. thanks for all who did wish me that day. thank you so much.^^ and for the return, i will wish you all back when your birthday come. (what???) ok ok, joke only. i wish you all the best. the first person who did wish me is unknown. he/she text me through phone, but i did't recognize the number. ( well, biasalah orang dah kehilangan phone kan.. dulu, cakap jer nak num sape. Bccoz I have all the number. Now? cakap jer num sape yg aq ader. 2 3 kerat jer. only my real and only bff. ok ok, kemalasan sudah memuncak ni, i think i just show the picture. picture show thousand of words rite? haha

korean boy did wish me!! :) mj, don't get jealous..
Japanese i think..LOL
the korean girl.. we are friend now LOL..
The One who always remember my I/C number. he acting like he is my bf LOL.  He also the one who did check my PLKN. huhhh.. but i love him whoaaaa...
some did wish me through FB inbox.. this my Bro-In-Law la.. :)
My Teacher also did wish me. and guess what! we share the date!
thanks to yuji (my admin partner at MB) he did wish me through  MB fan page.. thanks fans!!
my bff did wish me through her Blog but sadly now her blog is under construction. so, I cant capture the image. hehe. thanks for all. Luckily my brothers are all here in malacca. so, we can celebrate together! that day we did spent the whole night. at first we had dinner The Best and Only Yong Tau Fu. don't know? go google it!LOL. yum yum. chinnese food. after that, we do visit AEON Bandaraya. (visit??) and we buy a lot's of J.CO doughnut! yum yum. the the boys buy me J.COOL Yogurt. yum yum yum.. ouhh bertambah gemok la kan.. 

after that we do window shopping.. and lastly we did karaoke. yeayyyy.. terbaik wokkk. hehe.. i did enjoyed the day with my family! love all the guys la. thanks oke. hehe.. 

sebenarnya kan, cerita nie panjang lagi. but let it be my secret ok. hehe.. ok, bye..

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