Thursday, April 14, 2011


Assalamualaikum readers..

after i had the bad news about IPTA, i got the good news from IPTS. haha. LOL. actually. i never planned to go to IPTS. but if i had no choices, so i have to go lah. if and only if ok. semalam memang aku down la kot after dapat that kind of news. then that morning my mom called, she told me that i got two letter from IPTS. bukanlah letter tu sampai dekat my mom office, tapi before my parent off to work. they saw this letter. actually my dad. :) then they opened it. after that my dad said to my mom " keep it stay away from her. If she knew, she would be insisted on entering." haha. funny la dad. my dad said that because i got accounting. he always remind me that don't ever apply accounting because he don't want me to be like him. he know how difficult to arrange people account. but i love number, thats why i apply account.

ni offer letter from UNISEL. look at the date! huhh.. it's next monday! totally reject. hehe. cruel rite?

this is from UNITAR. i got two offer letter actually. but different campus. 

this one is From UNITAR too. but Bachelor in Busissnes Admin (islamic banking). 1+3 years. coz i have to take the foundation first. this one is quite attract me because i can continue till degree. hmmm.. but IPTS lah.. have to wait for IPTA first..

 this one, waktu aku saja2 tgok email. but offer letter belum sampai lagi kat depan pintu. haha. dia baru sent email. once again i got Accounting. but this one is Foundation. from UNITEN. like what i said before. aku kena tunggu UPU keluar dulu. IPTA first lah kan. kalau tak dapat, baru tengok IPTS ni. 

sakit bertambah teruk. hari ni lagi teruk dari sebelumya. after dah telan ubat besar tu dua biji. ok sikit. then after couple of hours, sakit dia lagi terok. hope tak bust up. =.=

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